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Events and Traditions

Phoenix, Engineer, Incident, Crescendo… and the list goes on. For each season and every talent, NITK has a bunch of annual events designed to make the best of its diverse student population. Be it sports or public speaking, coding or dancing, the events aim to unveil every hidden potential . Spread across the year, these activities are not merely a break from academic life but form the essence of the NITKian tradition.

Student Activities

Student activities at NITK are hosted by over 25 student clubs from disciplines range across robotics, civil engineering and astronomy and to racing, film, classical arts and fashion. The clubs managed by the student representatives come together to host a range of programmes, provide organisational support to annual events and help students gain exposure to the best minds in their specific areas.

Arts and Culture

The NITK chapter of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPICMACAY) hosts programmes throughout the year. Artists of national and international acclaim are invited to give the students a glimpse of artistic brilliance in various classical arts. Bharatdarshan is another forum to help acquaint students with the diverse ethnic cultures of the country.

Information Technology

NITK provides 24/7 internet connectivity ( 4Gbps lease lines of 1:1) to departments, students hostels and faculty residences. The institute is equipped with 12 core single-mode fibre with 1Gbps/10Gbps backbone speed. A Central Computer Centre (CCC) with over 225 desktop PCs and 30 central servers is located at the heart of the campus. Apart from this an Image Processing lab, Information Security lab, IoT and Data Analytics lab is operative in the campus.

Safety and Security

Safe and secure campus with 24/7 comprehensive security and fire safety measures

Dining on Campus

The campus offers a variety of food services to students, faculty,staff and visitors that are open as early as 7:00am until as late as midnight. Apart from the hostel mess, two canteens and three cafeterias provide students with a variety of meal plans. Specialized health menus are among the among the highlights of our hostel cuisine.


The institute is equipped with diverse resources to maintain the physical wellness of the student community. A full-fledged Sports Complex was set up in the campus earlier this year to encourage athletics. The Physical Education & Sports Department comprising of two Students’ Activity and Sports Officers (SAS Officers) and one Assistant Physical Director support and manage sports, games and physical fitness activities. New and modern infrastructure facilities are installed at the Sports Complex for indoor and outdoor games.

Health and Wellness

The Health Care Centre functioning on the campus provides comprehensive medical care to the resident population. The students can avail the health services throughout the week. The centre is dedicated to promote and sustain student health by providing free consultation, medicines, weekly visits by specialists and ambulance support.