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  • Studying the causes of disasters and developing appropriate technologies for disaster risk reduction
  • Developing indegenous technologies for addressing problems such as sea erosion which are unique to our region
  • Providing periodic training/dissemination of knowledge to local community
  • Monitoring of critical parameters and development of data base
  • Carrying out damage assessment after disasters and assisting the government in planning the policies for relief distribution
  • Predicting typical types of disasters based on past histories
  • Developing IT tools & early warning systems
  • Economics and policy analysis of disaster risk for sustainable development
  • Carrying out detailed studies on the vulnerability of lifeline structures of the region and suggest measures for their retrofitting through laboratory as well as field studies
  • Making recommendations for improving the reliability of important infrastructures of the region in a possible disaster scenario
  • Developing the centre with modern state-of-the-art equipments/instrumentation
  • Collaboration with researchers and organizations associated with similar activities at regional, national and international level.