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The Government of India has recognized non-formal and continuing education as one of the main areas of thrust in its new educational policy. It was in this context that the Centre for Continuing Education (C.C.E) was started in the year 1987. The Centre is involved in organizing short term courses, extension courses and workshops on a wide range of topics over the years, utilizing the workforces and resources available in the institute. With the assistance of concerned departments and sponsoring agencies, the Centre has organized about 326 programmes so far, catering to the needs of working professionals from various academic institutions, government organizations, industries, commercial banks and students. The resource persons are largely drawn from NITK and at times, external faculty has also been involved. The laboratory, library and computer facilities of the institution are made available for conducting the courses. An Advisory Committee manages the CCE-NITK. This committee monitors the activities as well as the funds of the Centre.

Statement of Year-wise activities organized by CCE-NITK