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एकता और अनुशासन
Unity and discipline

ANO Office (2 Kar Engr Coy NCC, NITK Surathkal)


About 2 Kar Engr Coy NCC

2 Kar Engr Coy NCC is located at NITK Surathkal since it's inception in 1963. It was almost started in parallel with the institute. NCC welcomes you to a new world of patriotism, discipline, adventure, courage and work ethics. It is important to remember that becoming a good NCC cadet is not an easy task. A lot of hard work and dedication is required to achieve such a goal. Here, in NCC, we teach you to be a good leader, a decision maker, a good team member, and above all, to be a disciplined citizen. NCC has very close associations with the armed forces. Ours is the ARMY wing of NCC.

Enrolment into NCC starts as soon as you enter into the college in the first year. A cadet has to be in NCC for 3 years in order to get his/her B-certificate and C-certificate. Cadets will be given free uniform, shoes and other dress material by NCC and cadets have to maintain the same till they complete their training. As per the new policy, Cadets are awarded B-certificate, after they complete their second-year training, followed by 'B' certificate examination and C-certificate in their third-year training, followed by 'C' certificate examination. Exam includes both practical and theory papers. They also need to undergo at least one camp of 10 days duration, each year, prior to their respective examinations. C-certificate holds very special importance in all walks of life, including in PLACEMENTS. Cadets will have to attend the NCC classes regularly on Saturday mornings, which includes PT, Drill, Weapon training and other theory classes. Twice a year there will be Firing. In the class, cadets are taught interesting subjects like map reading, various types of weapon training, Mines etc. There will be regular parades, in which cadets are taught marching skills. Discipline is given the highest priority. This is what distinguishes NCC cadet from other students. Cadets voluntarily participate in various social service activities like Swachh Bharath, Coastal Cleaning, Disaster Management, Blood Donation camps etc. Cadets actively participate in Independence Day and Republic Day Parades on 15th August and 26th January, respectively.

'To be in NCC, is to experience how to live a life less ordinary.'


Contact Info

Col Anilesh Kaushik
Officer Commanding
NCC Office(2 Kar Engr Coy NCC)
Near Sports Complex
NITK, Surathkal
Email: oc@nitk.edu.in

(ANO) Associate NCC
Officer's Office

I Floor, Main Building
NITK, Surathkal
Email: ncc@nitk.edu.in
Phone: 0824-2474000, Extension : 3157


Capt Dr. P. Sam Johnson
Associate NCC Officer, 2 Kar Engr Coy NCC
Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematical
and Computational Sciences,
NITK, Surathkal
Email: sam@nitk.edu.in
Lt Dr. H. Shivananda Nayaka
Associate NCC Officer, 2 Kar Engr Coy NCC
Associate Professor,Department of Mechanical 
Engineering, NITK, Surathkal

Email: hsn@nitk.edu.in