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M.Tech Programmes

Level: Postgraduate
Semesters: Four

1. Water Resources and Ocean Engineering (Formerly Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics Department)

Course 1: Marine Structures
Course 2: Remote Sensing and GIS (Renamed as Geoinformatics from the academic year 2021-22)
Course 3: Water Resources Engineering and Management

2. Chemical Engineering

Course 1: Chemical Engineering
Course 2: Environmental Science and Technology
Course 3: Industrial Biotechnology

3. Civil Engineering

Course 1: Construction Technology and Management
Course 2: Environmental Engineering
Course 3: Geotechnical Engineering
Course 4: Structural Engineering
Course 5: Transportation Engineering


4. Computer Science & Engineering

Course 1: Computer Science and Engineering
Course 2: Computer Science and Engineering - Information Security

5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Course 1: Power and Energy Systems

6. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Course 1: VLSI Design
Course 2: Communication Engineering & Networks
Course 3: Signal Processing and Machine Learning

7. Information Technology

Course 1: Information Technology

8. Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Course 1: Computational and Data Science

9. Mechanical Engineering

Course 1: Thermal Engineering
Course 2: Manufacturing Engineering
Course 3: Mechatronics Engineering
Course 4: Mechanical Design


10. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Course 1: Process Metallurgy
Course 2: Materials Engineering
Course 3: Nanotechnology

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Level: PostGraduate
Semesters: Six

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Level: PostGraduate
Semesters: Four

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Level: PostGraduate
Semesters: Four

M.Sc. (Physics)

Level: PostGraduate
Semesters: Four