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F.No 14-1/2019(CPP-II)                                                                                                                                                            24th January, 2022

            Subject:Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC2022): An interactive program of Hon'ble Prime Minister with students, teachers and parents-regarding

 Respected Madam/ Sir,

This is in continuation to UGC letter FNo 14-1/2019(CPP-II) dated 18/01/ 2022 regarding the 5th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC2022), the unique interactive program of Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with students, teachers and parents to be held through virtual mode in January 2022.

In this regard, all Universities and their affiliated  Colleges are requested to kindly  upload  promotional videos of PPC2022 
(https://we.tl/t-DJdL3vQ0rV) on their official websites and also popularise using their social media channels and groups to enable active participation of all stakeholders in this important event in a befitting manner

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Rajnish Jain )