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(a Statutory Body Established Through an Act of Parliament: SERB Act 2008)

Science and Engineering Research Board
5 & 5A, Lower Ground floor
Vasant Square Mall
Sector -B, Pocket-5,
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070


File Number: AV/VRI/2020/0036

Dated: 29-11-2020

Subject: Event Title "Power Electronic Applications in Electric Vehicles, Wireless Power Transfer System".


Dear Dr. Dharavath Kishan,

We are happy to inform you that the above cited application seeking financial assistance has been recommended for grant-in-aid. It has recommended to provide Rs. 150000 (Rupees One Lakh Fifty Thousands Only) for the said event.

The final budget to be sanctioned would be based on existing norms, funds availability and other such factors. The guidelines, norms, etc. for the event being funded should strictly be followed as per the clauses of the sanction order (to be issued).

Considering the unprecedented times of COVID-19, if for any reason, the above recommended event is infeasible to be conducted on the proposed dates during the originally scheduled period proposed by you, if deemed fit, SERB may be approached to organise the event at a later date but you need to ensure that the event is completed by July 2021. Kindly note that, no separate communication by post would be sent to you in this regard and without prior approval from SERB, the Event Organizer cannot change the approved event date.

You are required to submit your acceptance and duly signed / stamped institute account details as per SERB-PFMS form within 15 days of the receipt of this letter. In case, we do not hear from your end and receive the requested document within the provided time, it would be presumed that you are not interested in this offer and it will stand withdrawn automatically.

With all the best wishes and expecting a timely response in anticipation