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Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics

Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics has 13 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration of the project Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 Research and Development of low cost Automated Guided Vehicles NIL 20/11/2015 3 Years 4,00,000 Dr. Pruthviraj
2 DST "To strengthen the gear Engineering Research in the department SR/FST/ETI-360/2014© 20/08/2015 5 Years 2,09,00,000 HOD App.Mech
3 RS & GIS Tools to support conservation and sustainable management of sacred groves in Kodagu District ES/11/951/05 29/11/2006 Completed 11,04,000 Dr. G.S.Dwarakish
4 ESIC "Coastal ocean Technology Hydrodynamic performance characterstics of cassion type breakwater, NITK Surathkal MoES/ESTC/3/COT/NITK/2014 PC-III 30/03/2016 5 Years 88,84,000 Dr. Manu
5 SERB Coupled dynamic analysis associated with the response and design loads of offshore floating wind turbines YSS/2014/000812 08/10/2015 2 Years 24,97,457 Dr. Debabrata Karmakar
6 SERB- optimal damping of porous screen in tuned liquid damper structure intraction ECR/2015/000176 05/08/2016 3 Years 32,67,880 Dr. Nasar T.
7 kudremukh Wild Life Division Filtering the Camera Trap data A3/Research-15/2016-17 19/05/2016 2 Years 1,57,000 Dr. Pruthviraj
8 KUDREMUKH "GLIMPSE OF KUDREMUKH WILD LIFE "An Educational Documentation A3/CR/74/2017-18 15/12/2017 2 Years 1,10,000 Pruthviraj
9 Ministry of Water Resources " Impact of Climate Change on water Resources in river basins from Tadri to Kanyakumari 28/8/2016-R&D/308-336 09/02/2018 3 Years 60,90,556 Mahesh
10 SERB Project "Conjunctive use of surface Water and groundwater management A new framework for strategic decision making EMR/2016/005647 05/03/2018 3 Years 30,33,200 Ramesh
11 Award Project "Compiliation, Analysis & Mapping of Historical data on bonofide tree felling in Virajpet Division DCF/VPT/EST/CR-/2017-18 26/10/2017 2 Years 2,18,500 Pruthviraj
12 SERB Project "Effect of Frictional heat on Coefficient of friction during full slip of AI6061 T6 Hertzian contacts EEQ/2017/000041 17/03/2018 2 Years 27,12,000 Vadivuch
13 DST, MST Indo-Portugal Joint Project "Performance of combined wave and wind energy multi-use platform DST/TNT/Portugal/P-13/2017 29/08/2017 3 Years 13,00,500 Dr. Debabrata Karmakar
  TOTAL 5,06,75,093  


Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering has 17 projects for the year 2017-2018  
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No From To Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 Future Materials in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolytes sponsored by DST Inspire India DST/INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD/2013/ENG-48 12/05/2014 5 Years 35,00,000 Dr. Hari Prasad Dasari
2 SERB Project Air Polluction Induced Immune Cell Dysfunction Implication in Viral Infection SB/S3/CEE/030/2014(NIT Surathkal) 19/07/2015 3 Years 23,17,000 Dr. S. Gangamma
3 Indo-US Methanal as clean F.194-4/2016(IC) 22/09/2016 3 Years 91,18,600 Dr. M.B.Saidutta
4 In vitro mass culture of Steinernema jeffreyense, a biocontrol agent against key insect pests by DST (International Division) DST/TNT/South Africa/P-20/2016 07/12/2016 3 Years 28,16,230 Dr. Prasanna B.D/ Dr. Antoinette P.Malan
5 Development of Novel SOFC Electrolyte Materials with enhanced Ionic Conductivity sponsored by DST SERB India ECR/2016/002010 28/03/2017 3 Years 51,13,800 Dr. Hari Prasad Dasari
6 Biomass fuel burning smoke induced inflammation: Mechanism of biological pathways, CSIR, New Delhi 22(0678)/14/EMR-II 01/12/2014 4 Years 10,00,000 Dr. Gangamma S.
7 Heavy metals removal by adsorption on melanin coated polymer matrix, DST DST/TSG/WP/2014/58-C 27/03/2015 3 Years 37,68,485 Dr. Keyur Raval
8 DST FIST Project "To Strengthen the research facilities in the Department SR/FST/ETI-355/2013 © 29/09/2014 5 Years 2,27,00,000 H.O.D. of Chemical Engg. -Project Implementation Team : Prof. M.B.Saidutta; Prof.Vidya Shetty K, Dr. Prasanna B D, Dr. I Regupathi, Dr. P E Jagadeeshbabu
9 SERB-Reverse Micellar SERB/MOFPI/0039/2013 16/09/2013 3 Years 37,60,000 Dr. I. Regupathi
10 CSIR Project "Synthesis and Characterization of Spion Embedded inorganic Hollow Core-Shell Nano particle as a magnetic Drug Deliver Vector 22(0646)/13/EMR-II 2015 3 Years 30,00,000 Dr. Jagadeesh Babu P.E.
11 Decreasing the Sintering temperature of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes sponsored by KIST Korea NIL 28/04/2016 1 Year 11,00,000 Dr.Hari Prasad Dasari
12 SERB Project "Ambient airborne particulate matter:Effect of biological component on lung inflammation SB/EMEQ-088/2013 03/07/2013 5 Years 5085000 Dr. S. Gangamma
13 SERB Measurements and Characterization of Ambient Bioaerosols in Bangalore City SR/S4/As-96/2012 13/05/2013 5 Years 46,11,000 Dr. S Gangamma
14 Synthesis of β-cyclodextrin nickel ferrite nanoparticles for the removal of pharmaceutical compounds from aqueous systems, DST – SERB (ASEAN – INDIA) IMRC/AISTDF/R&D/P-7/2017 01/02/2018 3 Years 35,19,750 Prof.Raj Mohan B
15 Development of Quaternary Ceria - Based Catalysts for soot oxidation Activity sponsored by KIST Korea NIL 2017 2 Years 25,00,000 Dr. Hari Prasad Dasari
16 Development of a sustainable technology to produce oxalate depleted starch from Taro corms by AISTDF, SERB Principal Investigator IMRC/AISTDF/R&D/P-4/2017 01/02/2018 3 Years 25,44,000 Dr.Prasanna B D
17 Impact of maternal diabetes on pre-implantation embryo development: Non-invasive approach to assess embryo quality using oxygen consumption, SERB, EMR/2016/005737 27/04/2017 3 Years 54,00,000 Dr.Keyur Raval
  TOTAL 8,18,53,865  



Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry has 12 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration of the project Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 SERB-Design & synthesis of colorimetric Chemosensors for Environment Pollutant Cations SB/FT/CS-137/2012 26/12/2013 3 years 2500000 Dr. Darshak R. Trivedi
2 DST-Procurement of Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer SR/FST/CSI-215/2010 28/12/2010 5 years 12800000 HOD Chemistry
3 DST-Chemical Fixation of Carbon Dioxide via Transition Metal Catalyzed Carboxylation Reactions IFA-13/CH-98 10/12/2013 5 years 19,00,000 Dr. Beneesh
4 DST-Renewable synthesis of hydrocarbon fuels and specialty chemicals from cellulose-derived angelica lactone YSS/2015/001649 11/03/2016 3 years 28,99,000 Dr. Saikat Dutta
5 SERB-Synthesis of polyoxometalates-nanoparticles Hybrid based Catalysts for alkane oxidation. SB/FT/CS-077/2014 24/07/2015 3 years 23,55,000 Dr. Sib Sankar Mal
6 SERB-High Performance Thermoelectric Materials via Band Engineering EMR/2015/001150 21/12/2015 3 years 26,76,000 Dr. Krishna Bhat
7 VGST-Towards development of Low cost, nanoporous hollow fiber membranes VGST/CESEM(2014-15)/GRD-312/2015-16 04/05/2015 3 years 60,00,000 Dr. Arun Isloor
8 SERB-Protein at the interface of Liquids ECR/2016/000707 01/09/2016 3 years 53,41,000 Dr. Debashree Chakra
9 SERB-Efficiency enhancement in organic photovoltaic devices using donor-acceptor conjugated polymers and plasmonic structures. SB/FT/CS-145/2012 27/12/2013 3 years 2500000 Dr. Udaya Kumar Dalimba
10 CSIR-Chemo-catalytic Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass into CSIR-Renewable Fuels and Chemicals 02(0301)17/EMR-II 05/05/2017 3 years 12,50,000 Dr. Saikat Dutta
11 CSIR-Development of novel thermoelectric materials 01(2905)17/EMR-II 03/05/2017 3 years 10,50,000 Dr. Krishna Bhat
12 CSIR-anadium Based Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, Structure, Characterization and study of its Electrochemical Properties. 01(2906)/17/EMR-II 03/05/2017 3 years 8,00,000 Dr. Sib Sankar Mal
  TOTAL 4,20,71,000  


Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering has 9 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency/Project Title Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 BRNS project Dynamic Soil 2007/36/31-BRNS/1301 12/09/2007 3Years(on Extension) 24,57,550 Dr. R. Shivashankar
2 BARC- Structural Engg BARC/Accts/Works/MoU-246/2009/47 19/01/2009 10Years 18,00,000 Dr. Katta Venkataramana
3 DST- FIST SR/FST/ETI-356/2013 © 03/09/2014 5years(ongoing) 1,10,80,000 H.O.D. of Civil Engg (Coordinator: Dr.Suresha S.N.)
4 L&T Sponsored Project L& T agreement   3Years(Ongoing) 0 Dr. Gangadhar Mahesh
5 Remote sensing & GIS NRDMS/11/3055/014 © 13/11/2014 4Years(Ongoing) 21,30,200 Dr. K.N. Lokesh
6 Usage of granulated -kirlosker KFIL/HRM &GA/EMD/2014/397 06/11/2014 3Years 6,45,250 Dr. Sunil B. M.
7 DST- Develop of value DST/TDT/TDP-08/2017 (G) 20/11/2017 8Months(ongoing) 21,36,000 Dr. B.B.Das
8 IMPRINT- Project IMPR/GAT/HNC-0012 03/05/2017 3Years (2017-2020)(ongoing) 44,20,000 Dr. Arun Kumar Thalla
9 SERB- Investigation ECR/2017/000445 03/06/2017 - 39,84,770 Dr.Anjana Bhasi(left the Institute)
  TOTAL 2,86,53,770  


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering has 7 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Year of Completion Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 SERB- Design of Modular, FPGA
accelerated chip multiprocessor
architecture simulation framework
YSS/2015/000196 11/03/2016 3 Years 21,59,500 Dr. Basavaraj Talawar
2 SERB- Retinal Cysts identification and quantification from low SNR optical coherence tomography scans using image processing techniques. EMR/2016/002677 27/02/2017 2 Years 35,11,475 Dr. Jeny Rajan
3 MCIT - Information Security
Education and Awareness
Project Phase -II
No.1(1)/ISEA-II/PMU/2015 02/06/2015 5 Years 57,10,000 Dr. Alwyn Roshan Pais
4 CSIR-An automatic system for
indentification of phonological
processes in children of age
from 2.5 years to 6.5 years
SR/CSRI/49/2015(G) 11/05/2016 3 Years 3071400 Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi
5 DST-FIST Program- HOD CSE SR/FST/ETI-348/2013 ( C) 29/09/2014 4 Years 56,00,000 HOD CSE
6 MEIT: Development of Tool for
Detecting of Application Layer Distributed Denial of Service Attacks on Web Applications
12(10)/2017-CSRD 17/11/2017 2 Years 29,78,000 Dr. Santhi Thilagam
7 SERB- Characterization and
identification of dialects
in Kannada Language
EMR/2016/007947 05/06/2017 3 Years 35,00,000 Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi
  TOTAL 2,65,30,375  


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has 15 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration of the project Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 MHRD-Renewable Energy Source integrated Smart Grid Technologies (RENEST)” under Frontier Areas of Science and Technology (FAST) 5-5/2014-TS. VII 21/03/2015 4 years 1,50,00,000 Dr. K.P. Vittal
2  SERB-Utility Interactive Based Hybrid Power Solution for Telecommunication Power Systems YSS/2014/000854 10/09/2015 3 years 21,77,367 Dr. Kalpana
3 CPRI-Investigation on the Operation & Control of Multiple Distributed Generation resources in a Microgrid(Phase-II) CPRI/R&D/RSOP/2015 15/12/2015 2 years 25,00,000 Dr. D.N. Gaonkar
4 CPRI-FPGA based development of different MPPT algorithms for a stand-alone photo voltaic system using artificial intelligence CPRI/R & D / RSOP/Grants/2015 12/01/2015 2 years 25,07,000 Dr. D. jena
5 SERB-Control strategies for dynamic voltage restorer under unbalanced and disturbed grid conditions SB/FTP/PETA - 0020/2014 7/17/2014 3 years 23,21,000 Dr. Kathikeyan
6 DST-Standalone Evaporative Air Cooler – Pump flow and speed controller using solar energy TMD/CERI/BEE/2016/064© 15/05/2017 2.6 year 38,69,800 Dr. B.Venkatese Perumal
7 SERB-Adaptive MPPT of Grid- tied Photovoltaic System using Magnetically Coupled Impedance Source Inverters EMR/2016/005851 27/06/2017 3 years 24,36,795 Dr. Jena
8 SERB-A harmonic elimination scheme with reduced switching losses for a 3-phase Open-end winding Induction Machine using only conventional two-level inverters in the entire modulation range. ECR/2016/001764 13/07/2017 3 years 28,21,500 Dr. Sheron Figardo
9 SERB-Grid Interfacing of Solar Power Generation: Design, development, and Investigation on High-frequency Transformer Isolated DC-DC Soft-switching Resonant Power Converters ECR/2017/000550 05/07/2017 3 years 48,94,780 Dr. Nagendrappa H
10 Alumni EEE 1988 batch-DC home -Solar based off grid converter design development of 48V system   23/3/2018 2 years 1,10,000 Dr.Sureh Y
11 Alumni EEE 1988 batch -Silent Speech Interface Developments by Combining Physiological Signal Processing with Image Processing   23/3/2018 2 years 1,05,000 Dr.Krishnan
12 Alumni EEE 1988 batch-Android based home automation ( Light , fan, washing machine and TV control through the phone)- electricity load management   23/3/2018 2 years 1,15,000 Dr.B.Venkatesaperumal
13 Rator Design Technologies Pvt Ltd-Voyager- solar tracker monioring system   22/3/2018 0.5 year 2,00,000 Dr.B.Venkatesaperumal
14 IRG-Solar water pumping system in off-grid mode with change over to grid   29/6/2017 1.5 year 5,00,000 Dr.B.Venkatesaperumal
15 IRG-Rainwater harvesting off the terrace of a high-raised building in coastal areas for micro-hydro power generation and utilization of rain water to augment the existing power and water supply facilities of NITK Surathkal.   29/6/2017 1.5 year 5,00,000 Dr. Nagendrappa H
  TOTAL   4,00,58,242  


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has 10 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Title of the Project Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Start Date Date of Completion Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 Uncoordinated Secure and Energy Aware Access in Distributed Wireless Networks Information Technology Research Academy ITRA/15(64)/Mobile/USEAADWN/01 19/09/2013 4 Years 21,25,000 Dr. U. Sripathi Acharya
2 Energy Harvesting Seat ANRC, Boeing   19/01/2015 2 Years 3,00,000 Dr. M. S. Bhat
3 Intel Embedded Initiative Intel Corporation   02/07/2015 Continuing 5,30,000 Dr. Sumam David S
4 Development and Performance Evaluation of Efficient tracking Algorithms for phased array radars in the presence of electronic counter measures SERB-DST, Govt. of India (under Early Carrier Research Award) SB/FTP/ETA-110/2014 27/01/2016 3 Years 13,10,000 Dr. Pathipati Srihari
5 Special Manpower Development Project on VLSI (SMDP-VLSI) phase-III – Chips-to-Systems. Department of Information Technology (DIT) MCIT, Govt. of India 9(1)2014-MDD 17.11.2015 4 Years 15,95,000 Dr. Ramesh Kini M.
6 Advanced Research Lab in RF Communications and Networks DST, Govt. of India SR/FST/ETI-394 18/11/2015 5 Years 1,25,00,000 HOD E&C
7 Building capacity in teaching and collaborative research in sensor systems for public utilities RAE, under Newton Bhabha Programme & FICCI, UK Agreement March, 2016 2 Years 0 Dr. M. S. Bhat
8 Automatic Multilingual Speaker Profiling & Forensics SERB-DST, Govt. of India (under Early Carrier Research Award) EMR/2016/007934 04/10/2017 2 Years 49,94,000 Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan
9 Compact multi-band antenna with independently controlled resonant frequency and polarization for mobile wireless applications SERB-DST, Govt. of India (under Early Carrier Research Award) ECR/2017/000484 05/07/2017 3 Years 44,22,660 Dr. Krishnamoorthy K.
10 Development and real-time implementation of fully automated liver cancer detection system from H&E stained liver histo-pathological images SERB-DST, Govt. of India (under Early Carrier Research Award) ECR/2017/000689 12/07/2017 3 Years 14,43,000 Dr. Shyam Lal
  TOTAL 2,92,19,660  


HideSchool of Management

School of Management has 6 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 ICSSR Sustainability Reporting and Indian Companies A cross Sectional Study to Evalutate the Extent of GRI Compliance F.No.- 02/229/2017-18/RP/Minor 15.1.2018 1 year 2,50,000 Dr. Suprabha K. R
2 Indian Council of Social Science Research F.No. 02/25/2017-18/RP/Major 10.01.2018 2 years 8,60,000 Dr. Pradyot Ranjan Jena
3 IUW-LUH, Germany IUW-LUH/India - 2018-05 01.06.2018 1 year 5,72,880 Dr. Pradyot Ranjan Jena
4 ICSSR Reforming Higher Education for Civic F.NUEPA(CPRHE)/29/Reform.HE/14-15 01/04/2015 2 years 6,11,600 Sreejit
5 Women Enterprenurship and tourism devemopment 02/14/2013-14/RPR 29/06/2015 2 years 6,00,000 Dr. Sheena
6 NABARD Impediments to growth of hospitality sector a case study of South India REF.NO.NB/DEAR/R&D Projects: SR 2014-15/ 2015-16 1.4.2015 1 year 7,40,000 Dr. Suprabha K. R
  TOTAL 26,44,480  


Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology has 1 project for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 DST SERB Early Career Research Grant - A Framework for Deep Learning based Analytics for Intelligent Healthcare Applications ECR/2017/001056 03/06/2017 3 Years 32,56,550 Dr. Sowmya Kamath S
  TOTAL 32,56,550  


Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Department of Mathematical And Computational Sciences has 5 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date   Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 Study on MooRE Penrose 2/48(16)/2012/NBHM(R.P.) R&D II/9133 22/07/2013 5 Years 1,89,500 Dr. Sam Johnson
2 On the solutions of Convection difussion equations No.2/48(24)/2014/NBHM (R.P.)/R&D II/1455 04/02/2015 3 Years 8,30,000 Dr. Engu Satyanarayana
3 SERB- Solutions for viscous & inviscid Burgers equations EMR/2016/005821 31/07/2017 4 Years 14,77,190 Dr. Engu Satyanarayana
4 SERB- Applications of Kneading Theory in Iterative Root Problems ECR/2017/000765 12/03/2018 3 Years 4,18,010 Murugan
5 SERB- Frame work for restoring Medical and satellite images corrupted by data correlated noise distribution ECR/2017/000230 03/06/2017 3 Years 17,43,070 Dr. Jidesh
  Total 46,57,770  


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering has 23 projects for the year 2017-2018
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 CSIR -Visualization of boiling heat transfer on grooved surface 22/661/14/EMR-II 11/06/2015 3 years 25,00,000 Dr. Sathyabhama
2 CPDM, IISc -Design Innovation Centre DIC/2015-16/08/001 03/08/2015 3 years 18,00,000 Dr. S.M. Kulkarni
3 SERB- Numerical and experimental studies on two phase carbon dioxide based natural circulation loops SB/FTP/ETA-0443/2013 17/07/2014 3 years 25,84,000 Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav
4 HEXAGON PVT LTD -HEXAGON NEXT Gen 3 D LAB U72200TG1987PI0014464 05/01/2016 3 years 17,00,000 Dr. K.V. Gangadharan, Dr. M R Doddamani
5 SERB- An investigation in to the aerodynamic and aeroelastic behaviour of a compressor cascade in a droplet laden flow SB/FTP/ETA-0113/2014 08/07/2015 3 years 25,85,000 Dr. Anish
6 DST-Study on low temperature combustion in a CRDI Engine using biodiesel SB/EMEQ-205/2014 11/03/2016 3 Years 5,50,000 Dr. Kumar G.N.
7 DST-Development of a solar based humidifier/dehumidifier linked with ground water TMD/CERI/BEE/2016/048(G) 02/03/2017 3 years 29,02,900 Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav
8 DST-Development of composite filament for light weight 3D printed components DST/TSG/AMT/2015/394/G 05/05/2016 3 years 33,03,622 Dr. M. Doddamani
9 DST-FIST (Level 1)-Sensors, Actuators and Controllers for an Industrial Automation SR/FST/ETI-399/2015 © 07/06/2016 5 years 2,59,00,000 Dr. Vijay Desai & Dr. Navin Karanth P.
10 MHRD- IMPRINT Project-Development of Cost Effective Magneto-Rheological (MR) Fluid Damper in Two wheelers and Four Wheelers Automobile to Improve Ride Comfort and Stability 41-2/2015-T.S.-I(Pt.) 09/01/2016 3 years 3,55,00,000 Dr. Hemantha Kumar
11 NRB-Study the corrosion behaviour of wrought Mg alloys processed by severe plastic deformation for Naval Application NRB/4003/PG/366 20/07/2015 3 years 22,80,320 Dr. Naredranath S
12 SERB- "Experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of
delamination growth in Fiber Reinforced Polymer laminated composites under cyclic loading
EMR/2016/002497 20/03/2017 3 years 26,84,000 Dr. Subhashchandra Kattimani
EMR/2016/001247 17/03/2017 3 years 16,47,800 Dr. Murigendrappa
14 SERB- Experimental investigation of passive,semi-activeand active vibration control of composite sandwich structure ECR/2016/001448 24/03/2017 3 years 50,50,100 Dr. Sharanappa J.
15 SERB- Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Effect of Leading edge Protuberances on the Performance of Wind Turbine Blade EMR/2015/000879 11/05/2016 3 years 66,00,000 Dr. Sathyabhama
16 SERB- Investigations on the dynamic behaviour of bacterial helical flagellar filaments under axial flow ECR/2016/001501 23/03/2017 3 years 21,45,600 Dr. Ranjith M
18 SERB-Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Magneto-Rheological (MR) Dampers for Industrial Applications SB/FTP/ETA-0071/2013 05/06/2014 3 years 20,84,000 Dr. Hemantha Kumar
19 SERB- Investigation of Machining Characteristic of NiTi Based Shape Memory Alloys Using WEDM SB/S3/MMER/0067/2013 23/04/2014 4 years 18,11,903 Dr. Narendranath S
20 Defence - Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Buckling and Vibration Behavior of Non-Uniformly Heated Laminated Polymer Nano Composite Plate” ARDB/01/1051860/M/I 01/06/2017 Two Years 15,66,890 Dr. Jeyaraj P.
21 SERB- Standalone evaporative cooler - pump and fan speed controller using solar power ECR/2017/000387 18/07/2017 Three years 32,67,000 Dr. Arumuga Perumal
22 SERB-active vibration Dr. Karthikeyan J EEQ/2017/000744 29/11/2017 DST-SERB 47,90,000 Dr. Subhashchandra Kattimani
23 VGST-Pre-operative damage assessment in ortheopedic surgery using 3D printing to minimize healing time VGST/GRD-606/2016-17/2017-18/133 24/05/2018 2 year 5,00,000 Dr. M. R. Doddamani
  TOTAL 11,37,53,135  


Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has 4 projects for the year 2017-2018  
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency   Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 BRNS Metallurgical Investigation on Thermally Aged SS304 LN Welds 2009/36/43-BRNS/1729 23/09/2009 3 Years 17,63,825 Dr. Jagannatha Nayak
2 SERB All solution processed transparent low temperature synthesized Indium Zinc Tin Oxide based high performance thin film transistors for active matrix displays ECR/2015/000339 05/12/2016 2 Years 19,80,000 Dr. Saumen Mandal
3 SERB Corrosion and Impedance study of Ti-Nb alloy forms developed by PM techniques YSS/2015/001791 08/09/2016 2 Years 18,81,000 Dr. Shashi Bhushan Arya
4 To augment the research facilities in the Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engg. SR/FST/ETII/2017/97© 13/03/2018 5 Years 2,97,00,000 Dr. Udaya Bhat K.
  TOTAL   3,53,24,825  


Department of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering has 5 projects for the year 2017-2018  
Sl. No. Name of the Project Name of Major Funding Agency Sanction Order No Date Durathion Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 R&D Project on “Development of value added product using gold mill tailings for its effective utilization” sponsored by HGML, Hutti Hutti - Devt of Value PSO/21/WO/2015 20/04/2015 3 years 13,26,000 Dr. M. Aruna
2 “Study for utilization of fine material of mine waste” sponsored by SMIORE. Utilization of fine material MN:GSSK:ENV:GEN:2566 18/10/2013 5 years 14,30,000 Dr. Aruna M.
3 R&D Project on Investigations into the Reduction
of Prosperous in Iron or using Micro wave
Technology or its Suitability to the Iron and Steel Industry
sponsored by M/s. ERM Group Group of companies
R&D Investigation RPC/NITK/2017-18/170 08/08/2017 3 years 10,06,200 Dr. Harsha Vardhan
4 Development and Charectarization of Advanced Solar Cell KS& Tech- KSTeps/Vitamdasa/CISEE/2016-17/GRD-536/2017-18/153/433 19/01/2017 3 years 0 Ch S.N. Murthy
5 Development of a new type of aerocyclone for the dry separation of the minerals Mysore Minerals KSMCL/CSR/Sanction/312/2017-18/3839 17/03/2018 3 years 24,00,000 Harsha Vardhan
  TOTAL 61,62,200  


Department of Physics

Department of Physics has 7 projects for the year 2017-2018  
Sl. No. Name of Major Funding Agency Project title Sanction Order No Date Duration Total Project Fund Sanctioned Name of the PI
1 UGC-DAE Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Properties of Boron Carbide CSR-KN/CRS-44/2012-13/734 17/09/2012 3 years 3,00,000 Dr. Ajith K. M.
2 DST- INSPIRE Project Fabrication of stable semiconductor nanostructures using ALD technique for environmental remediation and solar fuel generation DST/INSPIRE FACULTY/BATCH VIII/2015 28/12/2015 5 years 35,00,000 Dr. Kishore Shridharan
3 SERB- DST Atomistic modeling of Metal Organic Compounds: Towards molecular spintronics SB/FTP/PS-032/2014 01/12/2015 3 years 22,73,200 Dr. Kartick Tarafder
4 SERB- DST Dynamics of low-energy antifibrillaton pacing: Unpinning pinned rotating waves using far-field electric pulses ECR/2016/000983 12/01/2017 3 years 28,50,100 Dr. Shajahan
5 SERB- DST Transition Metal Oxide Based Devices for Nonvolatile Resistive RAM Applications ECR/2016/000808 06/03/2017 3 years 37,27,428 Dr. Partha Pratim Das
6 DST- FIST - HOD - Physics   SR/FST/PSI-187-2013 © 23/06/2014 5 years 64,00,000 H.O.D. Physics
7 SERB-DST Application of Si nanowire and Si-graphene nanocomposite as anodes for high capacity Li ion battery SB/S2/CMP-105/2013 20/10/2014 3 years 43,57,215 Dr. H.S. Nagaraja
  TOTAL 2,34,07,943