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Teachers Day Message from the Director

I take this opportunity to greet all my fellow teachers a "Happy Teachers Day". September  5th reminds us, silently, the responsibility and the privilege in being a teacher. Indeed, our culture also had always recognized a teacher as a very important part of a student's life, and to such an extent that we defined a teacher as   "Acharya Devo Bhava".

In the present context, a few parents in particular, and people in general, started to think that in the age of Information Technology, a teacher is redundant. Because, in their opinion, everything is available on Internet.  However, as teachers, we need to recognize that a teacher's role is never limited to supplying information and taking periodic exams to test to know the retention power, rather than reasoning power.

A teacher's job mainly is to inspire and enhance a student's imagination and increase his mental (cognitive) abilities to make this world the best place to live in. It is indeed only a teacher who can see into the past, from the present, into the future.

Let us all take this simple responsibility of becoming a small part of nation-building through shaping the lives of our students. To be a teacher is a unique privilege, and it is only the best who is referred and remembered generations after generations.

Imagine a society without a teacher. If a teacher is not there, no other profession would exist.

Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers.

K Umamaheshwar Rao
National Institute of Technology Karnataka
Surathkal, Mangalore - 575025
Karnataka, India