Closure,Re-opening of All Hostel Messes and Fee Structure for Even Sem

All the hostellers are hereby informed that

The schedule of closure of all messes after odd semester examination is as follows:

  • Closing of messes run by NITKSH (Blocks 1,2,3 and 7) : After Dinner on 1-12-2017
  • Closing of Outsourced messes (Blocks 4,5,8,PG,Mega,GH-1,GH-2) : After Dinner on 1-12-2017

The schedule of re-opening of all messes is as follows:

  • Re-Opening of messes run by NITKSH (Blocks 1,2,3 and 7) : With Breakfast on 26-12-2017
  • Re-Opening of Outsourced messes (Blocks 4,5,8,PG,Mega,GH-1,GH-2) : With Breakfast on 26-12-2017

(Vide No19/NITKSH/2017/Supdt. dated 14-11-2017 from the Prof i/c , Hostel Affairs)


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