Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIP Cell)

The IIP Cell at NITK, Surathkal was established with the mandate of providing specialized administrative and managerial support for the faculty of NITK for executing testing & consultancy assignments. Due to excellent infrastructure, state of the art laboratories, advance instruments and faculty with expertise in niche areas, NITK has been attracting sizable amount of testing & consultancy assignments from various industries /companies. IIP cell is involved in facilitating, monitoring and administering testing & consulting jobs coming from industries.

Testing & consultancy revenue generated by NITK Surathkal in the last five years is as follows:

                        2017-18 -Rs 1.30 Crores                      
                        2016-17 - Rs. 1.47 crores
                        2015-16 - Rs. 1.82 crores
                        2014-15 - Rs. 2.15 crores
                        2013-14 - Rs. 1.63 crores
                        2012-13 - Rs. 3.26 crores
The testing & consultancy work undertaken by various departments of NITK includes,
 •  Testing of steel for construction activities
 •  Design of storm water drainage network
 •  Certification for sustainable Sand removal from the rivers
 •  Design of vented dams or other water harvesting structures
 •  Land use-land cover analysis using RS data
 •  Design of vented dam/small dams/water retaining structures
 •  Development of information systems using GIS & Aerial photography for GIS
 •  Sediment dynamics study including siltation in harbours
 •  Seawalls and other coastal protection methods
 •  Change detection analysis for shorelines, land forms, coastal erosion areas, potential fishing zone
 •  Detection and Slope stability analysis
 •  Model testing for various kinds of Marine Structures in a regular wave flume
 •  Investigation, sampling and testing of soils
 •  Industrial and domestic water meter, pressure gauge and vacuum gauge testing
 •  Pump and recovery tests for open wells for calibration of aquifer parameters
 •  Tension, compression, bend, re-bend and hardness tests on MS/Tor rods/flats
 •  Hydrological designs
 •  Planning, analysis and design of major/minor ports, fishing ports, drainage systems and water supply schemes
 •  Environmental impact assessment and management plan
 •  Environmental quality monitoring
 •  Modelling of water quality
 •  Risk and safety assessment in process industries
 •  Environmental audit and safety audit
 •  Air quality modelling and impact studies
 •  Testing of water, waste water, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, Petroleum products
 •  Analysis of materials using TG-DTA, ICP-OES, HPLC, LC-MS etc.
 •  Testing of concrete, cement, Granite jelly, sand, Concrete Solid/ Hollow Blocks, Laterite Stone, Interlocks / Paver Blocks, Mosaic Tiles, Mangalore Tiles.
 •  Testing of soil / sand / aggregate samples.
 •  Testing of water and waste water (Chemical, biochemical components)
 •  Structural design and detailing for multi-storied buildings, bridges, microwave towers, chimney.
Intze Tanks, Ware-houses/industrial sheds, Industrial facilities, bunkers and silos, Tower structures etc.,
 •  Concrete Mix-Design - Normal OPC-based mixes and special concretes.
 •  Design of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plant and solid waste disposal
 •  Air pollution monitoring, water and effluent quality monitoring
 •  Analysis of supplied SPT data and providing geo-technical reports
 •  Design of flexible and rigid pavements
 •  Design of concrete mix and rigid pavements and runways
 •  Traffic and transportation planning
 •  Testing of bitumen, bituminous materials, wood, plywood
 •  Testing of cement, paper, fertilizers, paints, varnishes, oils, petroleum products, water, metals, alloys, plastics, etc., as described in I.S. codes.
 •  Testing of industrial raw materials like molasses, lime, latex, ores, etc.
 •  Characterization of materials, percent purity of material, calibration of weights, identification of polymers, instrumental analysis, etc.
 •  Calibration of energy meters, CTs and other instruments.
 •  Testing of wires, cables, capacitors, insulators, transformers etc.
 •  Capacity evaluation of industrial drive motors and welding transformers.
 •  Calibration of high voltage test equipment like Holiday detectors, insulation testing apparatus etc.
 •  Measurement of earth resistance of storage tanks
 •  Electric drive testing & redesign for industry
 •  XRD analysis of materials
 •  Damper testing and mathematical model development
 •  Perceived noise source identification and control
 •  Vibration analysis of glass epoxy composites and piezolmaniated fiber beams
 •  Full mandible 3-D printing
 •  Fault detection of four stroke engines
 •  Failure and Root-Cause Analysis of industrial structures and engineering components,
 •  Materials Selection and Materials of Construction (MOC) Analysis
 •  Mechanical testing and materials characterization involving hardness, tensile, impact, indentation creep tests, tribological testing and analysis.
 •  Corrosion testing and analysis for industrial and structural components
 •  Design and analysis of heat treatments for structural steels, light metals, and commercial alloys including: age hardening, plain hardening, tempering, austempering, carburizing, sub-zero and cryogenic treatments.
 •  Analysis of severity of quenching, nano-quenchant Development and related investigations.
 •  Wettability/contact angle studies of various fluids on various solid surfaces
 •  FEM based numerical/computation work including Stress Analysis, CFD, solidification studies, heat transfer
 •  Microstructural analysis and characterization involving light, scanning and Transmission Electron microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction Studies, FTIR spectroscopy, Particle size analysis, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Electro-Spinning studies.
 •  Designing, processing, testing, and development of polymers and composites.
 •  Synthesis and characterization of nano-materials
 •  Powder compaction and sintering/pressure consolidation of alloys, polymers, and composites
 •  Designing, testing, and characterization of industrial weldments
 •  Dip-coating, electroplating, surface treatment, and surface modification of experimental/industrial alloys.
 •  Stereoscopy, Fractography, Fracture Signature Identification and related analysis for industrial alloys and composites.
 •  Inclusion and grain-size analysis of industrial components as per ASTM standard.
 •  Thermo-mechanical processing, foundry & metal casting related investigations, plant layout design & renovation.
 •  Analysis and evaluation of industrial furnaces, refractories and thermocouples.
 •  Blast design, controlled blasting, under water blasting in ports
 •  Design of slopes, design of underground spaces, tunnels
 •  Planning, tendering & implementation of rock dredging projects
 •  Quantity surveys in mines
 •  Geo-technical Investigations
 •  Rock mechanics testing
The IIP Cell at NITK, Surathkal is headed by a faculty member supported by a clerical assistant. The faculty in-charge reports to Dean (P & D)/Director.
List of Industries/Companies/Banks availing testing & consultancy services includes,
 •  New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT), Panambur
 •  Karwar Port Trust, Karwar
 •  BASF, Surathkal
 •  Mangalore Chemical Fertilizer (MCF), Panambur
 •  Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemical Limited (MRPL), Surathkal
 •  Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Surathkal
 •  Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL), Bangalore
 •  Bharath Petroleum Corporation Ltd,( BPCL) Mangalore
 •  Corporation Bank, Mangalore
 •  Syndicate Bank, Manipal
 •  Vijaya Bank, Bangalore
 •  Dept. of Mines and Geology-GoK, Bangalore
 •  Minor Irrigation Dept. GoK, Bangalore
 •  HLL Lifecare Ltd., Thiruvananthapuram
 •  Ramco Cements, Ariyalur
 •  NMDC Ltd., Bellary
 •  Mercator Ltd., Mumbai
 •  Sahasralingeshwara Power Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
 •  VICAT Sagar Cement Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
 •  B.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
 •  Stone Quarry, Kerala
 •  Dharthi Dredging & Infrastructure Ltd., Hyderabad
 •  Doddannavar Brothers Pvt. Ltd., Bagalkot
 •  RNS Infrastructure Ltd., Bangalore
 •  Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Bangalore
 •  The Singarani Collieries Company Limited, Andhra Pradesh
 •  Thermax Ltd., Pune
 •  Mineral Enterprises Ltd., Bangalore
 •  Minescape Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Goa
 •  Sukhdevraj Sharma & Engineers & Contractor, Bangalore
 •  M.Manohar Rao & Co, Mangalore
 •  Rajdeep Buildcon Pvt. Ltd (Rites)
 •  KNK Nexgen Constructions Pvt ltd, Mangalore
 •  NJT Granites, Kottayam Kerala
 •  R.K.S Drilling Services, Chennai
 •  The New India Civil Contractor Pvt. Ltd, Mangalore
 •  M.D Developers, Kundapura
 •  Rain Cements Ltd, Telangana
Faculty in-charge: Dr.Prasanna B.D









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