Centre for Continuing Education


Knowledge in Science and technology is fast expanding.  A professional cannot manage his entire career meaningfully just from the education he received as part of formal education in his early life.  For the effective functioning of the institutions and industries, it is essential to continuously update and broaden the knowledge of the professionals by mutual interaction.  The present day knowledge is so vast that everything cannot be imparted to a student as part of the formal education. Therefore the Government of India has recognized Non-formal and Continuing Education as one of the main areas of thrust in its new education policy. It was in this context the CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION (C.C.E) was started in NITK, Surathkal (then KREC) in the year 1987, and has been involved in conducting several short term as well as extension courses for the working professionals from engineering and technical fields on wide-ranging topics utilizing the manpower and resources available in the Institute.


The C.C.E. is managed by an Advisory Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary and Members from all departments of the Institution.  All the members of this committee are the permanent faculty members of this Institution.  The Director of NITK is the President of the Centre.  The Committee monitors the activities as well as the funds of the Centre.  The accounts section of the Institution scrutinizes all the accounts submitted by the Centre and also they are audited every year as per the Institution procedure.  

The C.C.E. is a self-supporting Centre and the recurring expenditures of the Centre such as salary to a staff and office maintenance work etc., are met out of the revenue generated by the Centre through conducting various programmes.

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