Endorsement of Extracurricular Certificates

Any kind of certificate verification related to student activities or extracurricular request by any alumnus of the Institute will be verified by the issuing authority of that tenure (HOD/ Faculty Advisor/ Dean/ Asst. Physical Director/ Registrar/ Asst. Registrars etc.).  After the verification given by the competent authority, the SAS Officer and present Dean (S.W.) will certify it as per instruction.

It has been noticed that many students have tried to furnish wrong certificates of INCIDENT (national level cultural festival of NITK Surathkal) and ENGINEER (Annual Technical Symposium of NITK Surathkal) and some other credentials of the same repute and sent the same for the verification. This has been strictly verified and taken into the record.

For any detailed enquiry about INCIDENT and ENGINEER, the respective authorities may visit: http://www.incident.co.in/ and http://engineer.org.in/

Such verification may be sent to the Dean (Students’ Welfare) or Students Activity and Sports Officer (SAS Officer) accompanied by valid certificate proofs in hard or soft copy format. The endorsement given to such documents will be recorded.

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